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Our Planning Models

Our Planning Models


Upfront financial planning fee:

$600-$1,500 (covers discovery meeting, initial planning, and implementation meeting)


Beginning at $200/m for ongoing financial planning services

 Asset Management:

0.75% asset management fee on any household assets that we directly manage

 This model is best for:

Young Professionals, millennials, or those that want to start taking financial planning seriously for the first time

Silver & Gold

Upfront Financial Planning Fee:

$600-$1,500 depending on complexity (covers discovery meeting, initial planning, and implementation meeting)

Ongoing Financial Planning:

$1,500 annual fee waived due to compensation from asset management

This model is best for:

  • Upward moving professionals, those that want to optimize their family's finances
  • Those entering retirement, high-earning families, and business owners

 Asset Management:

Assets From

Asset-Management Fee

$0- $1,500,000 1%
$1.5 M to $2.5 M .75%
$2,500,000+ .5%

Gold clients often require advanced tax-planning strategies along with access to high net worth boutique money managers. Ultra-high asset levels may allow for negotiable asset-management fee.

A Seasonal Approach to Financial Planning

We will work with you to create an organized and prioritized plan which includes:

  • Workplace Benefits Optimization
  • Financial Goal Planning
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Charitable Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Insurance Analysis
  • Investment Planning
  • Mortgage/Debt Analysis
  • Tax Planning
  • Social Security Optimization
  • Retirement Planning